Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Age 21 Years Old.
Maximum Age 90 Years Old.


Clients outside the age restriction are prohibited from renting a car unless this section mentions a young or senior driver's cost. Please be aware that, if applicable, this cost will be paid at the rental desk in local currency upon arrival, and the rental price will cover it.

* Young drivers (ages 21 to 24) are required to pay an additional cost of 5 JOD per day.

* Senior drivers (aged 70 to 90) are required to pay an additional 5 JOD per day.

Driver's license

Any renter wishing to rent a vehicle must have a current driver's license and passport.

You can drive our cars in Jordan with your domestic driver's license; an international driver's permit is unnecessary.

It is necessary to have a valid original driver's license (physical driver's license) in the name of the primary driver and any additional drivers for a minimum of three years.

Details of Payment Cards

* Credit or debit card payments (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Visa) are accepted for rental fees and additional costs.

Deposit of Security

* Only credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) are accepted to pay the security deposit.

* We will only accept Debit Cards for the security deposit if you select Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW), which waives the deposit. Therefore, in case of a car accident or total loss, you will be fully responsible for the Zero Deductible amount if you purchased the SCDW. However, it would help if you had a valid credit or debit card to pay for the rental and sign the paperwork.

* If you deny the SCDW for the rental duration, a small security deposit will be charged to your credit card based on the driver's age, as indicated below. In the event of an accident, damage, or car theft, your deposit is held as a guarantee. This will be released if there is no damage or theft during the rental term. Note that the amount shown here does not equal your excess liability; that information is available under the Damage Waiver Liability section.

Driver's Age

Deposit Amount


(21 – 24 Years Old): Young Driver


750 JOD


(25 – 69 Years Old):


100 JOD


(70 – 90 Years Old): Senior Driver


750 JOD

* Should you decide to buy the (SCDW), the deposit will be as little as possible, as follows:

a. The deposit for young or senior drivers is 100 JOD.

b. There is no deposit for drivers aged 25 to 69.

* After the rental has finished, the credit card or cards must still be valid for up to six months.

* NOT ACCEPTED: We will not take any other forms of payment.

* We do not take virtual credit cards.

* To have a deposit pre-authorized or charged, the lead driver must provide a valid credit card bearing their full name, without any acronyms, at the rental desk.

* The Gulf agent may refuse to release the vehicle if you cannot produce a legitimate credit card or debit card, if there are insufficient funds on the credit card, or if the debit card is not in the primary driver's name. There will be no reimbursement of any money paid in these cases.

What Is Included?

  1. Waiver of collision damage (CDLDW).
  2. Insurance against Theft Protection (TPI).
  3. Liabilities to Third Parties (TPL).

Extras Optional


Cost Per Day

Maximum Cost Per Rental


GPS Navigation System


70 JOD

Hotspots Wi-Fi 4G (5GB/Day)


90 JOD

Baby Seat (0-1 Year Old)


50 JOD

Baby Seat (1-3 Year Old)


50 JOD

Booster Child Seat (4-7 Year Old)


50 JOD

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). Only valid for Mini, Economy, Compact & Standard Groups

10 JOD


Theft Protection Insurance (TPI)



Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)



Super Cover: (Scratches, Glasses & Tires). Only valid for Mini, Economy, Compact & Standard Groups

15 JOD


Roof Rack

30 JOD


Snow Chains

30 JOD


Petrol Fuel:

  1. Pay for a full petrol tank in advance, then return the vehicle almost empty. Our gasoline service options are priced similarly to the current retail pump pricing in the area. To return the car to the office in Amman, you should bring it back as close to empty as possible while still having some petrol. Only used fuel will be eligible for credit.
  2. Identical to Same: There will be no reimbursement for fuel that is not used.

Services for Delivery and Collection (24/7):

  1. Delivery and collection services are available upon request, but they must be scheduled in advance and will incur additional fees.
  2. When a renter picks up their automobile in one city and returns it in another, Gulf may charge an extra "drop-off" cost. In this case, the firm must recover the car by replacing it or employing a driver. When considering a one-way rental, customers should be sure to enquire about any additional mileage costs or drop-off fees and the places that allow these types of rental car returns. This kind of rental always results in additional costs for the business.

Minimum Rental

Four days is the minimum rental time; if not, please contact us.

Period & Increases

* Any rental shorter than twenty-four hours will be considered one day. In a similar vein, an extra day is added to any excess rental period that is shorter than 24 hours.

Watch out for the 24-hour clock rate! Rentals are computed starting at pick-up and running for 24 hours. This implies that you should return a rented car at 2:00 am on Thursday if you picked it up on Wednesday. Overages will be billed, but if they exceed two hours, they will be charged for an extra day of rental.

Parallel Rentals

It is permitted for the hirer to rent up to one car at a time. Thrifty may reject a new booking if the hirer has an active rental scheduled for the same time as the new booking's pick-up.

Baggage and Personal Effects:


Hit and run refers to accidents wherein the fault cannot be ascribed to a third party.

If you fail to bring a police report and any fines for moving violations against you, you will be held fully accountable.

Delivery, Postponement, Refund, and Trade-in

  1. If a rental contract needs to be extended, the customer must notify Gulf-Jordan in advance by writing to us via email or calling us at ( ) (24/7).
  2. No refunds are given if you return the vehicle before the scheduled rental day. Avoid making reservations for as long as you can and then leaving early. If you realize you need to keep your rental car longer than anticipated, you may quickly and swiftly request an extension by calling or emailing reservations@gulf.com.
  3. The agreement will automatically renew, and charges will be made from the available credit card along with an admin fee of 142 JOD in addition to the daily rental cost if the customer does not return the vehicle by the due date and does not notify Gulf Rent a Car in Jordan of any extensions.
  4. The rental agreement is still in effect until the car is returned to the designated drop-off site spotless and in the same condition that the renter received it.
  5. By taking possession of the car, the renter acknowledges that it is in the same condition described in the vehicle check report and assumes full responsibility for any further damage or loss to the vehicle, regardless of how it happens. Until the car is returned and checked in by a designated representative, as certified in writing by Gulf Management, the renter is still entirely responsible.
  6. The renter undertakes to return the vehicle at the location on the day and time specified in the rental agreement and booking voucher, including any paperwork and accessories (such as the toolkit and spare tire), in the same condition as when it was obtained.
  7. If the vehicle is used against the terms of this agreement or if the Renter defaults on its financial commitments to Gulf, Gulf has the right to reclaim the Vehicle at any time.
  8. If the renter returns the vehicle after business hours, they must adhere to Gulf's out-of-hours return guidelines for that particular location. Until the facility reopens for business and Gulf checks in the car, the renter is liable for the vehicle in all circumstances.
  9. The Renter is entirely responsible for the Vehicle until Gulf collects it, and in any case, the renter must obtain a document confirming that Gulf managed the Vehicle. This applies whether or not Gulf agreed to let the Renter return the Vehicle to a location other than the rental location.
  10. Gulf shall not be liable to the renter, any other passenger, or any third party for loss or damage to property left in the car, either during the rental term or later. During the duration of the agreement, the renter has all responsibility and risk for such property.
  11. A replacement may be necessary if the rental car needs to be serviced, is being traded in, is involved in an accident, etc. In this instance, upon Gulf's request, the Renter is required to return the Vehicle. The renter may receive a different vehicle back from the Gulf.
  12. Gulf may be liable for damages to the car and financial responsibilities if they fail to maintain service intervals due to a late return. The renter will be responsible for covering all of these expenses.
  13. If the Renter's preferred vehicle isn't available, Gulf might permit an upgrade for brief usage only. If the renter wants to exchange their vehicle for one in which the automobile in their charge group is not accessible, Gulf will get in touch with them, and they will expect the car back as soon as possible. There will be three attempts at exchange. The renter will be billed for the upgraded car when the vehicle in their charge group becomes available, even if all other attempts fail.
  14. Gulf retains the right to report the vehicle as stolen to the police if the renter fails to return the car by the scheduled check-in date, fails to pay the balance on the scheduled date, or uses the vehicle in a way that is against the terms of the rental agreement.

Individual Information

The Renter entitles Gulf to communicate the Renter's data to the concerned authorities, such as the police, traffic departments, criminal investigation departments, and other relevant bodies.

Rates and Integration:

If a booking is altered after the reservation confirmation date, rates are subject to change.

The renter understands that Gulf retains the right to adjust rates if the Renter needs to change the initial rental period by adding more days or reducing the number of days.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. It is anticipated that the renter will take good care of the vehicle. Specifically, it should not be utilized:
  2. To transport people, their belongings, or property for hire except trucks and vans, which require prior written consent from Gulf.
  3. To transport more passengers than the vehicle is designed to hold
  4. Carrying anything that could damage the vehicle or make it impossible or slow for Gulf to rent it out again due to its state or smell
  5. To drive or pull any car, caravan, or other item in a race, test, or competition or for other unlawful reasons.
  6. for using a non-paved road
  7. When the renter or another driver of the vehicle is impaired by alcohol, substances that cause hallucinations, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance that impairs consciousness or reaction time, in violation of any traffic laws, customs, or different relevant rules
  8. By any person other than the renter unless the renter has designated and notified Gulf of the identity of the additional driver (as defined in the agreement).
  9. For sub-renting Outside the country, unless prior approval from Gulf has been obtained and the renter has submitted all necessary documentation, or In geographic areas that Gulf has (or will) notify as restricted.

Suppose the Renter violates any of the terms above of use under clause no. 4.

In that case, the Renter agrees to

  1. Bear all costs and expenses,
  2. Be liable for any legal repercussions or liabilities,
  3. Indemnify Gulf against any losses and damages incurred by Gulf to the Vehicle.

Insurance Coverage Policy

1. Regardless of whether you have our complete insurance coverage or your own, all accidents must be notified to the traffic police and Gulf car rental in Jordan before the vehicle is relocated. A printed Police Report (KROKA) is still required.

2. You are protected against a third-party claim filed in the event of damage or injury by thoroughly comprehensive and minimum excess insurance, which you have applied. The renter will be required to CALL the Traffic Police at 911 or 112 to acquire a police report (KROKA) in the case of an accident or damage to the car. They will also be expected to Call or WhatsApp us for assistance. Please be advised that the initial payment towards the overall repair cost, which varies depending on the vehicle, will be expected. This is the excess for the renter's auto insurance. Our excess payout for a typical auto accident begins at 550 JOD; however, in the event of significant damage, total loss, car theft, or personal accident.

3. In a car accident where the renter is at fault or the third party's identity is unclear, the renter is responsible for paying the corresponding EXCESS FEE. We therefore advise our valued customers to purchase the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW), which will reduce your liability to zero deductible in the event of an automobile accident or total loss only. However, this option does not apply to any damages to the car's interior, exterior, roof, glasses/windscreens, rims and tires, the underside and roof, towing charges, or situations in which the vehicle is driven off-road, carelessly, or while the driver is impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Additional insurance is operative only for accidents ‎, unlike the ‎above situations.

4. Theft Protection Insurance (TPI) is a contract that a rental company offers to cover theft; however, the renter must assume responsibility if the renter breaches the terms of the agreement, such as by leaving the car unattended, forgetting the key inside the car, or acting carelessly in any other way. As a result, we reserve the right to charge the renter for any loss or damage resulting from the renter's negligence. To lower the excess amount to 350 JOD in the event of automobile theft alone, we thus add 15 JOD as an obligatory cost for the rental duration. Additionally, as stated in the Optional Extras section below, you can still obtain Zero Excess.

5. All accidents must be reported to the traffic police; regardless of whether you have fully comprehensive insurance or any additional insurance coverage, you must call 911 or 112 and kindly contact us at ( ) before moving the vehicle. You must bring a printed police report, known as a "KROKA." If you do not get the published police report, you will be liable for the total value of the car and any associated liabilities.

6. We regret to notify you that we can only offer you a garage receipt or parts receipts if the client declines our insurance, such as the SCDW, and chooses to rely on their credit card or debit card insurance. Our insurer will handle the car's repairs and cover the associated costs rather than us. We are the only ones who can give you a receipt. Therefore, to prevent any loss in the future, please check your credit card/debit card insurance coverage and ask them what documentation they need from you.

Your Full Comprehensive Insurance (Minimum Excess Applied) covers the following:

* CDW, or collision damage waiver.

* Insurance for personal accidents (PAI).

* Insurance against Theft Protection (TPI).

* Liabilities to Third Parties (TPL).

Optional Extras


Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). Valid only for Mini, Economy, Compact & Standard Groups

10.00 JOD


Theft Protection Insurance (TPI)

7.00 JOD

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

7.00 JOD

Super Cover (Scratches, Glasses & Tyres ). Valid only for Mini, Economy, Compact & Standard Groups

15.00 JOD

7. In case of agreement on the 'Collision Damage Waiver' (CDW), the Renter accepts liability for losses of, or damage to, the Vehicle, its parts, and accessories. This is limited to the amount of the non-waivable and non-refundable excess liability, as stated above in this agreement. Further, the Renter shall provide Gulf with a valid accident report issued by the police traffic (or other relevant authority). Otherwise, the renter shall bear all costs and expenses for reinstating and delivering the Vehicle to Gulf in the same condition as it was received.

8. If the renter agrees to the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW), they pay the applicable premium in advance as stated in this agreement and the rental agreement. If a legitimate police report is produced, the renter is released from responsibility for any loss or damage to the vehicle (except from theft). The renter understands that in the absence of a permanent police report, any coverage is null and void. Furthermore, you will forfeit your insurance entirely if you break any laws, including driving after intoxication, speeding, running red lights, leaving your car key inside, and other infractions. But even with additional insurance (SCDW), this option isn't going to cover things like scratches, windows/windscreens, wheels and tires, the underside and roof, the interior of the car, towing fees, or situations in which the vehicle is driven off-road, carelessly, or while the driver is impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Unlike the circumstances listed above, additional insurance is only eligible for accidents.

9. Should the Super Cover be agreed upon and purchased for scratches, windows/windscreens, wheels, and tires, your liability for any damages to those items will be exclusively reduced to zero (zero deductible). Additionally, the Renter must give Gulf legitimate accident report from the police traffic (or other appropriate body). If not, the renter is responsible for covering all charges and expenses associated with returning the vehicle to the Gulf in the same condition as when it was obtained.

10. If the renter and passengers agree to the "Personal Accident Insurance" (PAI), the insurance will cover medical expenses and accidental death for the renter and passengers in the event of an accident during the rental by Gulf’s Motor Vehicle Policy. The renter accepts the optional Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) by paying the daily premium specified (as agreed upon with Gulf and stated in the above of this Agreement).

Theft, Loss/Damage, etc.

  1. Regardless of whether the driver was at fault, the renter is responsible for paying Gulf the total amount of any losses and damages resulting from damage, theft, or loss of the vehicle or any of its parts, including glass breakage and fire. This also applies to situations where the driver violated any provisions, customs, or insurance regulations or these terms and conditions.
  2. The renter assumes total liability for any damage to the vehicle, including but not limited to gasoline contamination, driving through floodwater, water damage, seashores, rocky deserts, dunes, and off-road situations.
  3. As a loss of revenue, Gulf may charge compensation corresponding to the rental charge until the day the vehicle or replacement vehicle is again available to Gulf in the same condition as received by the renter.
  4. Suppose there is an accident (damage to the car or not), personal injuries, or theft of the vehicle or parts. In that case, the renter must notify Gulf and report the incident to the police immediately to receive a legitimate police report, or "KROKA," after fulfilling all necessary paperwork, information, or procedures that the police may request. The Renter is required to send a copy of the Police Report (KROKA) Gulf. However, the CDW/SCDW/Super Cover and any other insurance offered herein shall be null and invalid. The Renter shall be liable for paying the actual expenses if the Renter defaults or does not give Gulf a copy of the Police Report within a reasonable length of time suffered by Gulf for losing the Vehicle or any damage that occurred to it.
  5. The renter is forbidden from taking any action that may undermine the existence or legality of the insurance coverage, including from taking on any obligation to compensate third parties. If not, the renter will be the only one to pay this third party.
  6. In any case, the renter consents to hold Gulf utterly harmless if the insurance company denies any claim concerning the renter's default and if a third party brings legal action against Gulf due to the renter's conduct or defaults.
  7. Unless the SCDW & Super Cover is acquired and suitable for single usage, the renter is liable for replacing any damaged windscreens, windows, tires, rims, or scratches not covered by insurance.
  8. Without Gulf’s prior written consent, no repairs may be made to the vehicle.
  9. The insurance policy might be canceled if the renter doesn't follow these terms. In this case, the renter will be responsible for all expenses, losses, and damages that Gulf sustains due to the renter's failure to pay.


  1. Gulf retains the right to modify its rules immediately and without prior warning, including the relevant charges. Gulf's rights are reserved; these policies are only for general informational purposes and do not constitute a waiver of any of those rights.
  2. There is a set number of kilometers allotted to monthly rentals. Depending on the type of car, excess kilometers will be charged at a rate of 0.07 Miles for each extra kilometer. For more information, please review the conditions of your contract.
  3. An additional 20% service charge, including the knowledge fee, will be applied to every traffic infraction. Gulf will ensure that all fines are paid to prevent the car from being detained by the police if the customer is found to be at fault for a traffic infraction. The consumer will be charged the appropriate impounding fees. Within 30 days of the agreement's conclusion, all ancillary fees will be automatically and silently deducted from the customer's credit card.
  4. There will be additional admin fees in such instances where Gulf must give the customer more assistance. Final police reports, proof from traffic fines, vehicle release from impound, drunk driving, lock fines, document translation, etc., are a few examples of these, but they're not the only ones.
  5. If the car is returned in a state that calls for thorough cleaning, valeting fees will be imposed.
  6. Due to the renter's carelessness or default, additional costs for roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, towing, or vehicle hauling to the workshop will be assessed.
  7. For the duration of this Agreement, the Renter will pay Gulf
  8. the agreed-upon rent and rates on time. The renter will be charged new rates/rent per Gulf's then-current effective rates if this agreement is renewed or if the renter cannot return the vehicle upon its termination or expiration.
  9. The renter gives Gulf permission in advance to deduct any costs (rental and any additional fees, such as a fine for a traffic infraction plus 30% for the administrative fee, the supporting documentation for the fine, the toll fee, damage, petrol, etc.) from the renter's bank account, credit card, debit card or charge card account by this rental agreement.

How to Pay, Cancel, and Show Up:

A credit or debit card in the renter's name is required for the rental car.

As previously said, we accept payments online with Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Cards in JOD; however, a valid credit or debit card is required.

We promise not to keep, sell, distribute, rent, or lease customer credit card information or personally identifying information to outside parties.

With every reservation, we now provide free cancellation protection insurance. You can cancel for free up to 72 hours before the reservation is scheduled to start. You will be charged 71 JOD or two days' rental, whichever is higher if you need to cancel within 72 hours of the start time. You can easily cancel your reservation by emailing reservations@gulf.com with your email address, reservation code, and first and last names.


  1. Within 30 working days of the cancellation, refunds for canceled reservations will be sent to the same credit card used for the online payment.
  2. When Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are returned early, there is no refund.
  3. Refunds must be claimed within six months of the vehicle's return date if Gulf cannot process them because of an invalid credit card.


Besides fraud and willful misconduct, Gulf will not be held accountable or liable for any loss or damage that the renter or any other third party may experience about the rented vehicle.

In case the renter breaches any of its obligations under this agreement or has any issues with driving the vehicle, the renter agrees to indemnify and hold Gulf(and its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees, and agents) harmless from and against any damages, losses, costs, expenses, actions, proceedings, claims, and demands.

Guaranteed Make & Model

Make and model are guaranteed by Gulf on particular car groupings. If certain automobile groups aren't available, Gulf will provide the buyer the choice to upgrade or get a similar vehicle when the next available vehicle becomes available. The color or optional equipment of the car is not guaranteed when the vehicle type is guaranteed.

Airport Fee

Airport Surcharge (Required Fees)

Insurance against Theft Protection (TPI):

This insurance is required to lessen your liability if your car is stolen.

Fee for Car Wash & Cleaning:

We anticipate you to return the car clean, as you will be given a cleaned vehicle.

If, at our sole judgment, any stains, filth, odor, or soiling from your use cannot be removed using our regular post-rental processes, you will also be responsible for paying a fair cost for cleaning the car's interior upon return.

Regulation of Law and Authority

This Agreement is regulated by Jordanian law, which will also be applied locally in the Jordanian where it is signed. Should a disagreement arise between the parties to this agreement, it will be brought before the appropriate court.